Seven Studios is a high-end recording studio complex in Stockholm, created with every detail for creatives. Arranged to handle the most in-depth listening & recording processes.

We offer post-production services such as sound design, music production, mixing & mastering.



Seven Studios specialises in all formats of analogue and digital mastering, providing high-end audio services to the global music industry. From independent artists to major labels and our team has the craft and vision to enhance your release.

You are able to join the mastering session in one of our studios at Nybrogatan 76 and give feedback and make final tweaks in the presence of the engineer of your choice.

If you don’t require an attended session, Online Mastering is a convenient, secure and cost-effective way to get your music mastered by one of our world-class engineers.

With our online mastering service you can upload your mixed WAV or AIF files to us and have mastered WAVs returned in up to 3 days for the price of 70€ (+VAT) per track. We can also master Alt Versions of your tracks and ADM files where required.

For bookings & general enquiries, please contact